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It is now easier than ever to lease a Vauxhall with lease deals from Kappa Car Leasing.

Vauxhall was established in 1857 in England, and is one of the largest car manufactures in the UK. Vauxhall has managed to retain a large manufacturing presence across the UK employing thousands of people in their factories and facilities. Although it is owned outright by Opel since 2017 and General Motors before that from 1925, Vauxhall has been able to retain its brand and image separately from its owners that has helped it to remain popular and current in the UK. All Opel vehicles that are manufactured outside the UK yet sold within it are rebranded as Vauxhall.

Vauxhall Lease Hire

Kappa Car Leasing are proud to present our range of Vauxhall models for our customers to lease at affordable and competitive prices.

These models are available with their own leasing deals that maybe time sensitive and could be gone in an instant.

Vauxhall Business Lease

We understand that the needs of our customers are varied and the vehicles under lease must match expectations and requirements of customers. Therefore we offer all our models with either lease hire or business lease to ensure that all of your travel commitments, by they personal or professional are meet with suitable outcomes for all. In addition we will also provide your vehicle to your door anywhere in mainland Britain at no extra cost to save you the fuss of collection. 

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