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Take That, Mr. Taxman:

Nobody likes paying tax.  Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you, himself or herself or to whomever they usually declare their liability. Tax is, in certain cases open to interpretation.

Our lawyers said don’t name and shame anyone in particular here so I’ll be careful.  If you think about all the celebrities you see shamed in the press after not paying tax they usually have a common theme; they all arrive at court in the back of something swanky like a bond villain. 

Now, I’m not suggesting you don’t pay the right amount of tax on purpose just because you have a chauffeur.  What I will say is that when you are in that upper circle of commerce where a Limo is acceptable on dates that don’t include your prom, your tax liabilities can be complex enough for honest mistakes to be made.

Kappa Car Leasing can give you advice on what you will be expected to pay and when, and we can also let you know if there is a better way to drive or be driven where you are paying less in tax if possible. 

I think I meant if permissible. Anything is possible.  We aren’t here to convince you to pay your tax bill, but I’d rather be in trouble for £1 than £100. 

The point is, it’s easy to make mistakes in tax affairs and if you can go into every decision fully informed, it makes the window of risk much smaller.

The last thing you want to do is have to go back on a world tour because you didn’t know the difference between an operating lease and a contract purchase. Try to think of Kappa as your Google translator for asset taxation.

I knew I’d slip up and name one.

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