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Suzuki lease – Lease availability for Suzuki vehicles with model allocated lease deals

It is easier than ever to lease a Suzuki model from Kappa Car Leasing with a diverse and capable range of vehicles at affordable and practical lease deals. Prices and deals may disappear regularly.

Suzuki was founded in Japan in 1909 and manufactures a variety of motor engine vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, marine engines, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). In 2016 Suzuki was ranked as the eleventh largest car manufacture in the world. Suzuki also have the tenth largest number of motorbike sales worldwide and the third largest number of motorbikes sales in Japan. 

Suzuki Lease Hire

Each of the Suzuki models come with their own leasing deal options for our customers to peruse and chose the most suitable for them. Additionally, we also offer both lease hire and business lease.

Suzuki Business Lease

Ensuring that every aspect of your leasing experience is the most satisfactory we offer business leases on all our models to supply for both personal and business travel. Personal and professional travel requirements can be very different, so it is necessary to offer separate leasing arrangements to provide sufficient coverage for this disparity for the benefit if our customers. Also, it is possible to have the car of your choice delivered to you anywhere in mainland UK. 

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