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Renault lease – Lease convenience with Renault model precise lease deals

Leasing a Renault has never been so easy, Kappa Car Leasing are happy to offer a range of Renault vehicles for lease with low-priced and good value deals on all models. Prices and deals may not be permanent and are subject to regular removal.

Renault was founded in 1899 and over more than a century has grown to dominate the light vehicles market, in 2016 Renault was the ninth largest car manufacturer in the world. While replacing Volkswagen as the biggest seller in 2017. This after forming a strong partnership with Japanese manufactures Nissan and Mitsubishi in 1999 100 years after Renault was created. Starting in 2011 Renault and Nissan embarked on a major investment plan to build their own electric cars costing more than $5 billion over eight years. Renault have also moved into Motorsport becoming a Formula 1 team as well as engine manufacture for other teams.

Renault Lease Hire

the line-up of Renault models that Kappa Car Leasing are able to supply are diverse and capable vehicles for many conditions and different needs of our customers. 

The our Renault models are leasable with a variety of lease deals and arrangements with either lease hire or business lease available for all Renault models.

Renault Business Lease

Regardless of if you lease a vehicle for personal or professional travel we can provide suitable lease deals for you to concentrate on the things that matter and not be hassled with the stressed and strains of leasing which with Kappa Car Leasing are a thing of the past. Moreover we deliver all our vehicles anywhere across mainland UK.

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