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The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is a vehicle built to be both a tough off-roader and a sophisticated urban truck. This Ford Ranger is the first since the early 00’s to fit in with the lifestyles of both European and US buyers. The pickup provides comfort and strength in a wide range of environments. This blog shall provide a handy summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford Ranger and how it stacks up as a truck for the UK and the suitability of the Wildtrak.

The advantages

•    The electrical controls and comforts for the driver and passengers is considerable and include an eight-inch touch screen, with sat-nav, voice control, apple car play compatible with android, and reversing cameras. This along with the colour coordinated leather upholstery provides a level of luxury for truck travel that until recent years was not possible.

•    Four-wheel drive, to ensure that the driving experience and conditions are as versatile and adaptable as possible for both city and rough terrain.

•    Five cylinder engine provides plenty of horsepower (197 bhp) that is more than a match for the roads and tracks of the UK in all weathers and conditions.  This capability makes towing trailers and caravans simple with an impressive 3,500kg towing weight.

•    The steering and cornering are swift and effective, making country roads and motorway travel feel effortless and smooth.

•    The inside space reflects the size and scale of the truck with a roomy and well thought out interior and design with a strong yet not cramped frame. Its space and practicality make it appealing to a range of potential customers in urban and rural areas, different needs and requirements are well within the Wildtraks capabilities.

•    The Wildtrak, although not cheap is competitively priced compared with its rivals from Volkswagen and Mercedes to name a couple.

The disadvantages

•    Unlike other models of the Ranger, the Wildtrak is only available with a 3.2-litre diesel engine which will not be to everyone’s taste and budget.  The added Torque and power delivery are offset by economy

•    Fuel consumption is an issue with this truck as it consumes at best around 33 mpg and that’s without the automatic gearbox which will hold you back to less than 32 mpg.  meaning you will become familiar with the fuel station during your journeys. 

•    The rugged simple design of the suspension means that comparing it to a similarly priced car in terms of road manners is an unfair fight.  It was designed to withstand impact and continue with the journey, not cosset you as you travel.  Leather seats and quiet cabins can only go so far in convincing you that you are in a premium car.

•    The list price above £34,000 is a big factor for many customers who are put off by the price but at Kappa we always have discount available on these vehicles.

•    The Wildtrak is designed first and foremost as a load-bearing pulling vehicle and that is where it excels, however other comforts and expectations are left as a secondary and less successful feature of this model.

•    If you are looking for a fashionable urban truck, with practical off-road capabilities this is a good choice, nevertheless its attempt to be both a full urban and rough terrain vehicle are not wildly successful. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak turns heads, even in a market now competing with Mercedes and Volkwagen as premium truck providers, the Wildtrak has taken the place of the L200 as the go to guy when picking up a pick up. Ford can rely on their years of commercial success when pitching a truck, they always find a way to make their trucks and vans the most appealing at the Widtrak continues with that theme. 

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