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The Peugeot leasing lineup


Peugeot lease- Leasing opportunities for Peugeot vehicles with model specific lease deals

Kappa Car Leasing are delighted to offer our customers Peugeot models to lease at good and compelling prices for our customers to benefit from while enjoying the ride. These prices are time sensitive and could disappear sharply.

Peugeot is a French car manufacture and was established more the 200 years ago in 1810 when Napoleon was emperor of France. Although Peugeot started off making coffee miles and bikes, they have made huge strides over the centuries to become a major European competitor in the motor industry winning many awards for reliability, efficiency and environmental standards. Furthermore they have also had a long and successful period in motor sports. In recent years the production of Peugeot has topped 2 million annually. 2019 saw the announcement that Peugeot plan to expand their markets in the United States over the coming years to further their brand and growth beyond the continent of Europe.

Peugeot Lease Hire

the range of Peugeot models available to lease from Kappa Car Leasing have been assembled to give our customers a wide variety of capabilities and benefits as possible. These models are as follows:

Peugeot –

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This Peugeot line-up are all leasable with a selection of leasing deals to match the chosen model. Further it is also possible to leave all our models with lease hire or business lease.

Peugeot Business Lease

 It is now easier to lease vehicles than in the past with a choice of lease hire or business lease. Business lease is focused on the professional and business transport requirements that many of our customers face when leasing a car. Therefore we offer a commuter friendly lease for our customers on all of our cars to made the driving and leasing experience as beneficial and effective as possible. Furthermore we also offer delivery of all our vehicles anywhere in the UK mainland to save our customers the hassle of collection.

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