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The MITSUBISHI leasing lineup


Mitsubishi lease – Lease availability with Mitsubishi model assigned lease deals

It is with pleasure that Kappa Car are able to supply Mitsubishi cars to our customers to lease with fair and hard to match lease deals across the entire line-up. These deals are time sensitive and could disappear quickly.

Mitsubishi is a Japanese conglomerate group of companies that originates from the Mitsubishi company that was established in 1870 as a shipping company before moving into other industries and sectors.  This conglomerate was formed in 1947 and produces a considerate number of different products and services including, mining, shipbuilding, electronics, heavy industry, gas, oil and automotive construction to name only some, yet they remain part of Mitsubishi sharing the same brand and trademark, yet operating and acting independently of each other. In terms of car manufacturing Mitsubishi Motors was the sixth largest Japanese manufacturer and the sixtieth largest globally as of 2011.

Mitsubishi Lease Hire

The range of Mitsubishi models Kappa Car Leasing offers our customers are a mixture of  model size and capability to enable our customers to have a considerable difference of choice.

All the Mitsubishi Models are available with their own assortment of lease deals to peruse and choose which is best for your requirements.

Mitsubishi Business Lease

These models are also attainable with business lease to deliver suitable transport for your business and commuting requirements. These leasing options are convenient and cost-effective with Kappa car Leasing. Delivering you to your chosen destination and your chosen vehicle to your door anywhere on mainland Britain to save you the trouble of collecting. 

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