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Kappa Car Leasing are pleased to provide Mazda vehicles for lease to our customers with affordable and convenient leasing deal prices. Prices and deals may not be permanent and are subject to regular removal.

Mazda was founded in Japan in 1920. Almost a century later in 2015, Mazda produced 1.5 million cars, 1 million of these were manufactured in Japan before being exported around the world. In recent years Mazda has been at the forefront of technological advancements, developing software including SkyActiv, which features prominently in many of their models including the Mazda Demio, Mazda (6) Atenza, and CX-5. These technologies ensure that Mazda vehicles are some of the most fuel efficient on the market, this ‘drive’ for technological betterment and improvement of their capabilities looks set to roll on into the decades ahead.

Mazda Lease Hire

The line-up of Mazda models that Kappa Car Leasing can provide include some of Mazda’s latest and most technological advanced vehicles available.

These models are each available to our customers with their own Mazda leasing deals and arrangements to choose from. Furthermore, it is also possible to select the type of lease that would suit your needs best.

Mazda Business Lease

In addition to lease hire, we also offer business leases, to all our customers on which ever model they chose. This ensures that your travel requirements are covered with the most suitable lease deal available for either commuting or personal travel. Also, all our models can be delivered to any location across mainland Great Britain to ease the leasing process further.

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