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Jaguar lease – Leasing availability with model allocated Jaguar lease deals

Jaguars are available for lease now from Kappa Car Leasing. The range of models is matched by the leasing deals on offer to customers.

Jaguar was created in 1933 in England as a manufacture of cars and since 2013 has been known as Jaguar Land Rover following the Merger between the two manufacturers. The company has become synonymous with vintage English style and elegance due to their success and clientele they serve, this reputation has seen Jaguar become a major icon for the UK and the UK car industry internationally.

Jaguar Lease Hire

Jaguar may have an exclusive and luxury standing yet it this converted brand is within your grasp. Kappa Car Leasing are able to offer Jaguar leases for our customers with a hand-picked range of Jaguar vehicles to chose from. These are as follows:

Jaguar –

  • F-Pace
  • F-Type
  • XE
  • I-Pace
  • E-Pace
  • XF

All the models listed not only have their own leasing deals attached they can also be applied to both personal and business lease as well.

Jaguar Business Lease

The Jaguar range being very desirable and capable  can be used for both personal and business travel, hence why we offer all our Jaguar models is the possibility of using Business lease for you commuting and business trips as these have different requirements and merits for the use of the cars and can then suit your requires much more appropriately. Moreover, if you can’t collect the car, don’t worry because the car will come to you, wherever you need it across mainland UK.

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