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Highly charged

Trying to debate electric vehicles with ‘petrolheads’ is like trying to get a rational argument from a four year old.  Word of advice, stop trying.  The clue is in the name.  I consider myself a car lover over a petrol head.  I will never swap my car for public transport to save the planet but I will not rule out swapping to an alternative power vehicle.

At Kappa car leasing we understand the four main groups of electric vehicles, the main differences between them and how to help you choose what’s really right for you to alleviate any buying anxiety.  Because of this knowledge and our relationship with the manufacturers, we are able to really give you a better understanding before you make a choice. You move from Hybrids where you don’t have to change behaviour as a driver, across to PHEV’s, which are basically hybrids with bigger batteries, allowing you to behave the same as always.  Next up is E-REVs whereby the car has a combustion engine still, but it’s little more than lawnmower sized and serves only as a portable generator and finally we come to EV’s (Pure EV) with all their pro’s and cons that people use for the argument against all electric vehicles.

We choose what we believe.  I believe that public transport and service vehicles should all be as green as possible and therefore Pure EV. Why? Because they are everywhere They will have a positive effect on both the environment and peoples’ perception of alternative energy vehicles.  This makes sense also, because they can afford to invest in these technologies and play the long game looking for the return. 

Personally I’ve bought several ex performance Police interceptor cars.  I know they have been used and abused, but I also know they were quick when they were new and they are quick now.  Given the fact that wear and tear is very different on electric vehicles due to the much simpler drivetrain set up, a used one would be more appealing than a used police spec turbo petrol car.  This could be the sea-change we need, Teslas that contain Lithium-Ion and now Coppers. With their low centre of gravity and insanely fast acceleration (the car not the policeman), they would be ideal for the job.  I’ve also driven Hydrogen cars from BMW when they thought it would be plausible and was lucky enough to see the Hydrogen Hyundai project Zero when it was in Norway. If you don’t mind the idea of going out with a bang in a rear end collision, they may be a solution.  I love cars but I’m passionate about my kids and the world we leave behind for them.

There is an obvious former and current use of EV’s that we overlook every day.  Milk Floats have been around for over 50 years and yet we talk about EV’s as if they are going to be obsolete in the next 10 years.  Nobody complains about milk floats.

So, If you don’t believe the world is flat, if you do believe the dinosaurs where here before us, and you like to think you can contribute positively to the way we leave the planet for future generations, speak to us about how we can help you become part of the change for the better and let you know what tax rewards go with your altruistic choices.

This was a public service rant by Kappa Car Leasing.

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