Growth of the small car market.

Mini Cooper Leasing

Luxury is the new speed.  For years we have been obsessed with going faster but now there are other ways to be cool behind the wheel.  One of those is to drive or be driven in the most luxurious of cars available.  Go beyond Bentley and think Rolls Royce, Senzati and Maybach.  Another way you can be cool is in a small car.  In these ever more congested roads, being part of the small car movement can be a nod to everything we should strive for in our generation.  In Japan you have the Kei car class (worth a browser search alone and, if you feel that way inclined and you want to see the funny side, search for Duncan imports and see these miniscule but perfectly formed cars in the one place they would never be considered cool, SuperSizeville). 

The new Polo GTI is the spiritual successor to the original cool hatch, Guigiaro’s own Golf. The man responsible for the Golf, gave us all the car porn we could hope for and yet his hatch inspired buyers and imitators for years to come. The new Polo and the old Golf are barely an inch apart at the edges.  The fact the Polo has 200 BHP is like when your younger sibling gets straight A’s and everyone looks at you funny.  What Frank Stephenson must have thought when he followed the Escort Cosworth with the new Mini can’t have been anywhere near just how popular his new creation was to come. To think his task was to build Rover a replacement for the Metro (Rover 100) and just what it has achieved for BMW.  What sets the new Mini apart is it became the excuse we all needed to justify buying a small car.  Just as the original did, only this time it is no longer a car for the masses, just the cool.  Other companies have tried to make small cars cool and whilst they have a certain appeal or charm, I don’t think they are credible in that you could argue they are better in any way than the originals they are often based on.  You can choose to buy a new Fiat 500 (Stephenson again) or, up until recently a new Beetle, but there is a trade off somewhere that doesn’t translate.  People love the Beetle, they echo cool but they don’t quite hit the mark.

If you need a bigger car, Kappa car leasing can provide it of course, but if you only think you need something bigger, be part of the change, and never struggle for a parking space ever again.

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