Go cool or go home

Its 2019, and cars have been getting better and better since 1959 with leaps and bounds in technology that at the time seem seismic.  1000hp is the new supercar norm.  It is now even the output on a modified brand new Jeep Gladiator. 

One thing that hasn’t got better is styling.  I’m not saying beautiful cars are only in the past, but the reason modern cars “echo” the past is it’s near impossible to create anything now that is completely fresh and still 100% beautiful.  Carbon Fibre and Graphene, Titanium and Kevlar all paved the way for material led design changes previously impossible, but the playing field of beautiful cars (at any price) is a hard fought one.  The Audi TT (which we have an offer on) is in the museum of modern art, high praise indeed.  At the same time, Italian judges have just ruled that a Ferrari 250 GTO is an actual work of art in an attempt to prevent replicas (link to telegraph article or similar).  I disagree.  Art is subjective and if one car is art, then surely every car is.  What is funny is that Enzo Ferrari famously said the E-Type Jaguar was the best looking car in the world, even if he was joking. 

Styling is subjective, but the new cool is greener driving.  For me there is only one cool version of green driving.  #003826 is its codename and Highland Green is its name.  That colour known to most as the hue of Steve McQueens GT390 in the film Bullitt.  It’s been brought back for the new 5.0 V8 Ltd Edition Mustang in an effort to (all together) “echo” the original. I love the new Mustang and I equally love the original.  Fortunately this opens up options not limitations in our brave new world.  You now have the choice of buying an original. Fully sorted cars can be sourced by Kappa using brand new shells and engines, budget £65k for a 550hp fully sorted 1968 Mustang. Alternatively you can buy the new Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 Bullitt edition, with 460BHP for £48210 (with payment from £500pm through Kappa)

Your third option is to have a ’68 fastback rebuilt with EV Power.  We can help source and finance the classics with state of the art battery packs and drivetrains.  With a range of 200 miles between charges and all the style of the 60’s who says you can’t have it all. If like most of us, this is just a pipe dream, console yourself with the Audi TT knowing that your car is considered modern art. 

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