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The MPG Myth

The MPG myth

MPG  A big consideration for a lot of people when purchasing or leasing a new car is the expected MPG (miles per gallon) they would

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Kappa Car Fair Rules

Fair Rules

 A recent BBC article told of the plight of a young woman (23) part-time worker / part – time student, who has fell into arrears

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Go cool or go home

Its 2019, and cars have been getting better and better since 1959 with leaps and bounds in technology that at the time seem seismic.  1000hp

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BMW Leasing

Tax like a boss

Take That, Mr. Taxman: Nobody likes paying tax.  Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you, himself or herself or to whomever they usually declare

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EV Car leasing

Highly Charged

Highly charged Trying to debate electric vehicles with ‘petrolheads’ is like trying to get a rational argument from a four year old.  Word of advice,

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