Who are Kappa Car Leasing?

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With over 25 years experience and knowledge of the Automotive Leasing and banking industry and lifelong passion for cars, Kappa is dedicated to helping individuals and companies find the right deal.

Being 100% independent, we have the luxury of strong relationships with the most trusted lenders and finance houses without being under obligation to a lender or manufacturer. This means that when we are enlisted to help you choose a car, we are able to offer advice without adding an agenda.

Why choose us?

We have access to manufacturer build data and financial trend data along with future government policy plans and we use this to help customers make better-informed decisions.  If a lender or manufacturer is campaigning a particular model or finance product then naturally, we have access and will offer it but only if we think it represents value. 

Our core team hand picks the deals we promote on the internet, we use the levels of interest to learn what our clients are really after and make sure we reflect this in a perpetual cycle of being able to deliver what people want.    If you don’t see the offer you want, we are happy to tailor a solution for you. 

We can re-finance the vehicles you already operate if that makes more sense, we can help if you need to sell a vehicle in order to buy a new one, and we can most definitely help if you want to discuss any other types of finance that may or not be of benefit to you.

Classic car finance, Purchase Contracts, short-term rental or fleet additions, help with buying internationally and financing vehicles in other parts of the world are all services we can provide from experience.

Most importantly and above all else, we are here to listen and discuss what help you may need.

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